CMC Swift unknown license bike

CMC had a very good international reputation. The ordinary bicycles of CMC were built in license in France and Germany. Their safety also met with approval. 
The bike (or what's left of it) you see in the pictures was discovered in Norway in 2012. It looks very much like the CMC Swift (although the bracket is mounted the wrong way round) but the brake lever has a different profile and the serial number 1972 is far too low. Apart from that CMC had the lamp on a torsion spring. 
But look at the nice original saddle - although front feather has been replaced.

A bike like this is interesting to look at, but expensive to restore. It is hardly possible to find the missing parts, so they must be copied. Only specialized people can do this, and it will be expensive.

I found some illustrations: several German factories built this model. I think Boie was an Opel clone, at least the picture looks the same. Adler has the lamp post like CMC.  So it could be an Opel ... their serial number 1972 dates 1889-1890.